Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Low Wing Training

My newest project is going to be my low wing trainer. It was inexpensive so no worries if it hits the ground. Here it is so far...

This is the same plane that many people in the local club are building to pylon race. I did notice a few things for those building this plane.
1. The monokote was really loose. When I tried to shrink it with my heat gun, it shrunk A LOT. I ended up having to remove some of it and replace it (now we have the blue and orange Auburn University colors! I did find that a low setting on a monokote iron worked perfectly to shrink the monokote.
2. Before you mount the engine go ahead and put the pushrod in the throttle arm.
3. Also make sure you run the pushrod holding tube for the throttle before you mount the fuel tank. Otherwise you will be removing the fuel tank to put it in.. (not that i did this)

Well this is all I have for now.

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