Sunday, March 15, 2009

And It's Team Greene Time

OK its been a few days and I definitely have some updates. I started a kit build of a Birdie Forty. It is an interesting kit, a "pattern flyer," Long and sleek but with tricycle gear. It is an older kit that a friend gave me to build while I have some days off this week. As an older kit, it has been more interesting than a Great Planes kit where you just follow the pictures, and have labeled laser cut balsa pieces.
In other RC news, after the fun we had last weekend at the RC car races, we spent a few hours with our friend and "crew chief" James at the hobby shop "fixing up" Christina's Revo. She put in a super fast and strong servo, switching from dual drive servos to a single drive steering servo. James also helped switch to a front drive only transmission since we can't use reverse on the track anyway. This will reduce the drag from the reverse gears in the transmission. Christina learned how to replace the shock fluid in her Revo and in a 1/10 scale truck. She also made some other modifications such as a metal rear skid plate, and longer struts giving the truck a wider stance.
I had so much fun watching her with the RC car scene, I just had to get something to play as well. I got a ready to run Associated GT2 1/10 scale truck. I haven't done much yet, except remove the baffle out of the fuel tank, and remove the "restrictor plate" off of the stock engine. I have yet to even burn it in with all the work being done on the Revo. Hopefully today I can get it started and break it in so I can get to practicing.
Finally, we decided we needed to get some new bodies on these machines. Christina's Revo is going to sport a nice pink and silver body and mine is green with yellow flames. Both sport our new "Team Greene" logo. ... .. .. Going to go ride our bikes this afternoon, so will try to get some pictures posted later on.

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