Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Too Long Since Last Post

OK it has been way too long since my last posting. We have been really busy lately. We got a new Toyota Matrix a couple weeks ago. This has got to be the perfect car for an RC hobbyist. It has an AC power adapter built in. It has a hard plastic cargo area so any spills are very easy to clean. I think we are ready to race our trucks this weekend. We were supposed to race last Sunday but the 11 inches of snow we got on Friday kind of shut that down. We did go to the park and run our trucks earlier this week. It is amazing the difference I noticed after replacing the stock 4AA battery pack with a 6 cell 6 volt pack, much more response from the servos on my Team Associated truck. We also got to watch a couple friends break in a 1/5 scale gasoline powered buggy. I could not believe how LOUD it was. It was super fast. I will try to do better at keeping things updated around here. If I don't get a chance to post before then, I will definitely post on how the racing goes on Sunday.

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