Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Guest Blogger

Alert! Alert! Nick's blog has temporarily been taken over by his wife.

Well, I have finally finished my student teaching (Yay!) and actually have time to attempt to build my PT-Electric. When I first wanted to try to build a kit, I wanted to do it by myself, without help. Yeah, well, so much for that. I am currently 3 pages into my instruction book and have asked Nick for help approximately 57 times. I can't help it, it's written in the language of "Boy." So far, everything I've done the instructions promptly told me to undo and put aside until later. Ugh, feels like I have made absolutely no progress. I have, however, learned to use the Dremel tool to cut off the ends of screws. Whoopie! Hopefully from here on out, I will actually be putting something together that stays together and this project might be finished before I *hopefully* start teaching in the fall.

In other RC News, we raced cars on May 8th. I successfully managed to lose the front bumper and do serious damage to the front bulkhead. Thanks to assistance from James, these parts were replaced. I also have new Crime Fighter tires on wheels that my wonderful husband dyed pink for me. Nick managed to have the steering screw come undone, an easy fix. We called it an early night since graduation was Saturday!

We were supposed to race Saturday the 16th, but rain cancelled those plans. Instead, we visited the driving range for Nick and me to try out his new driver and my new set of clubs. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) With assistance from another R/C flyer, John, I can at least hit the golf balls and usually they go straight!

So, rumor is that we are racing this Saturday night! WooHoo!! Can't wait! Let's go racing boys! .... and girls!!

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